Executive Performance Enhancement

Executive Performance Enhancement

Top performers are people who are able to deliver optimal performance where and when required; they can constantly find their way to an inner state, “The Zone”, in which all senses cooperate smoothly to achieve a task.

Fluctuation in performance is very common. No one performs optimally 100% of the time. This fluctuation is also known as “Performance Curve” and it is affected by physical, mental and emotional factors. The secret to “personal excellence” lies in stabilizing the “Performance Curve” by positively influencing all of these factors to ensure “Executive Excellence”, focus and a healthy energy management even in the most difficult circumstances!

Executive Performance Enhancement is a program designed to help you leverage your mental, physical and emotional potential as efficiently and naturally as possible; allowing you to surpass the roadblocks keeping you away from your true “Top Performance”.

Executive Performance Enhancement of BestOfYourself

combines elements of Hypnotherapy and Neurofeedback training and other methodologies to support you in your inner journey to “The Zone”. No two people are alike, and hence, this program is completely customized. Based on the intake, a specific selection of our modules will be made. The duration, order of the modules and the focus of the program are then tailored to the individual circumstances and needs of each client.
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For whom?

Performance optimization is basically important for everyone, but In particular for:
  • CEO, CFO, Directors and Managers
  • Politicians
  • Athletes
  • Musicians

Effects of Executive Performance Enhancement:

As a result of Peak Performance Training you will be able to quickly and adequately respond to your environment. That is, you’ll be sharp and focused when needed and otherwise calmed and relaxed. You will be able to use your energy and attention efficiently, which creates the space that allows you to operate from a state of sovereignty and serenity. You are in touch with your talent!

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