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Back to Work

The Road to Re-integration

When one of your people is at home suffering from a stress related illness, you want to take matters into your own hands; you want him or her to get proper support to minimize damage and expedite the return-to-work time.

BestOfYourself can speed up this process by providing expert therapeutic support to the stress related reintegration processes while understanding your specific business needs.


Burnout manifests itself in emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. The proper treatment of burnout takes these elements into account.


Methods and techniques that enhance each other’s effectiveness are combined to expedite results and shorten treatment. By combining hypnosis with other therapeutic techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Rational Emotive Therapy (RET), EMDR, etc. we have managed to shorten the duration of treatment considerably..


The results achieved with these combinations are often more effective and sustainable than without it. Our integrative, efficient and sustainable treatment of burn-out results in relatively short programs that enable client’s fast reintegration and the ability to handle adjustments and avoid relapse.

Why BestOfYourself?

Our treatments are shorter than most and the results achieved are sustainable. The smooth return to the workplace reduces the chances of alienation and facilitates a complete recovery. This contributes considerably to cut the costs incurred by companies and social agencies when it comes to stress related absenteeism.

BestOfYourself as your reintegration partner: Next to the effective and professional therapeutic care for your staff, BestOfYourself addresses your needs as a company:

1. Professional and result-oriented:

We work with protocols and clear treatment plans. You always know what to expect.

2. Reporting:

We communicate regularly and provide progress reports.

3. Evaluation:

We offer check-points to review progress and re-evaluate objectives vs. methodologies.

4. Flexibility

We adapt to the needs of our business clients, Diversity: Programs can be provided in Dutch, Spanish and English languages. Location: sessions can take place at our or at client’s premises provided conditions are suitable (additional charges applicable for onsite service) Remote care: For those clients doing a lot of travelling, we offer the possibility of coaching using email and webcam (as a supplement and not a replacement of regular sessions)

Contact us for an inventory of your needs. We have a suitable offer for you.