Beautiful Birth System

Beautiful Birth System

“Beautiful Birth System” of BestOfYourself is a modular training program designed for individuals and couples who want to become parents. It provides a therapeutic framework for the proper guidance at all stages on the road to parenthood, from conception to pregnancy to birth.

“Beautiful Birth System” consists of separate modules which apply “Evidence Based” methods such as Hypnosis, NLP, visualization, Noesitherapy, breathing techniques, etc., are used. These methodologies help inspire and encourage confidence about pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood in general. All natural abilities that you have to be used for one goal:

The modules of “Beautiful Birth System” are provided as private sessions (with or without a partner). Some items can be offered in groups of up to four couples. Contact us if you want to know more about.

Getting PregnantBeing PregnantBirth

Modules of “Beautiful Birth System” can be used separately or as part of a sequential process. We will provide you with details to make an informed choice. Visit our Beautiful Birth System website for detailed information.