Burn out and stress

Burn out and stress

Tired – exhausted – despondent?

With BestOfYourself you will find the expert and human support that you need when it comes to prevention, rehabilitation from burnout and other stress related illnesses.

BestOfYourself combines the latest methodologies, personal experience and a results-oriented approach to help re-establish physical and mental balance.

Modules of our burnout and stress management program:


Designed for those at risk of stress or burnout. This module offers healthy strategies to cope with stress, to stabilize inner states and stay healthy on physical and mental level.


Designed for individuals with stress and / or stress related illnesses. This module is aimed at stabilizing and strengthening the mental and physical state of the person and providing healthy strategies and alternatives in order to remain calmed and healthy.


Designed for individuals who have completed modules Prevention and Recovery to entrench the achievements and to help prevent relapse.

Process: Each section begins with an intake session. The purpose of this session is a survey of individual needs. After this intake will be proposed treatment plan including an estimate of the necessary number of sessions.