How do we work?

At BestOfYourself we work with defined steps that allow the clients to understand and participate actively in their own process:

Initial Contact:

Typically, a short interview about 15 minutes will take place prior to starting any program. The purpose of this interview can be summarized in three points: discuss preconceptions, evaluate the connection client / therapist and determine the most appropriate methodology. This is an opportunity for mutual acquaintance; it is wise for you as a client to prepare questions in order to gain as much information as possible about the therapist background and the methodology in order to make an informed decision whether one of our programs is suitable for you.


If you decide to follow a program, an intake session will be scheduled. The duration of the intake depends on the type of methodology chosen (75 minutes for hypnotherapy and 120 minutes for Neurofeedback training). The purpose of this session is to gather data necessary to determine the treatment plan. During this session the following issues will be addressed: clarify the issue, creation of your file (psychosocial profile, medical background, family situation, work, etc.), testing (if applicable), discussion of practical issues and next appointment or schedule.

Treatment plan:

During the first session a treatment plan will be discussed. This plan provides insight on focus areas, methodology, frequency, etc. The minimum numbers of sessions required to achieve the goals of the client is estimated. Evaluation and possible reporting points are also in the treatment plan established. With a clear plan you can be an active participant in your own process.


All sessions must be paid immediately after the session (cash, pin or bank transaction). You may pay also purchase a discounted pre-paid package. You will receive an invoice that you can submit to your health insurance company for compensation if applicable.