Back to Work Assessment (BWA)

Back to Work Assessment (BWA)

“Back to Work Assessment (BWA)” is a personal evaluation process for the successful reintegration of people with Burnout or other stress-related illnesses.

This personal inventory allows for the identification and measurement of the individual skills and challenges of stressed or burn-out employees. Based on this assessment, an effective individual choice can be made about the most appropriate reintegration path.

BWA entails four modules:

  1. 1. Creating the client’s file.
  2. 2. Psychosocial interview.
  3. 3. Screening.
  4. 4. Advice.

The result of the BWA is a recommendation about the following:

  • Assessment of the severity of the condition.
  • Client’s ability to begin the reintegration process.
  • Choice of process (individual or group).
  • Estimation of the minimum “Return-to-Work-Time”.

The personal character of BWA creates the atmosphere where client’s positive qualities and flexibility can be identified and assessed in a way that they can be deployed to support their own recovery.

Back to Work Assessment is a product developed by BestOfYourself